Friday, November 16, 2007

Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

The first weekend of October was my Grandpa Marks' annual high school reunion.  He's 86 years old and he and my grandma try to go to in every year.  About ten years ago my grandpa had a stroke.  Doctors said he would never walk again but with some great physical therapists, serious hard work, and tons and tons of support from the family, mostly my grandma, Grandpa shocked doctors with how far he came with his walking and other mobility with the right side of his body being paralyzed.  Now the he's aged he spends most of his time in the wheel chair.  You would never know his age, however, just by hearing his laughter and knowing his happy and joyful disposition.  
There's always some of my mom's siblings that go out with my grandparents to help them get around.  This year my mom and all three of her sisters went, as well as Brad and me, since we live so close to Pennsylvania.  
It was so fun to see where my grandpa grew up.  We got to go with them to the reunion and also see some extended family.

This first picture just made me laugh.  My dad's really gotten into his motorcycle and when we saw this we couldn't help but laugh.  I said to my mom, "There's you and Dad in about ten years!"  Yikes.

This is a church my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandpa established.  I don't even know what sect it was, but my brother, two aunts, and my aunt's husband went to the meeting on Sunday.  It was long, and different.  I have to say though, the people were extremely nice and very welcoming.  Everyone made a point to come up and talk to us.

This was over a crucial weekend for both our teams.

Me and Grandpa Joe!

My mom and her cousin Cindy in front of the Pagoda.  I guess they used to go there all the time when they were kids.  My grandpa was so excited to show it to me.  His mind is sharp as a tack.  He was great with directions.

L-R: Grandma Marks, Grandpa Marks, Aunt Marilyn (Grandpa's older sister, she is adorable), Aunt Tommy (Grandpa's younger sister), and Uncle Charlie (Tommy's husband.)

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Elise said...

Bikers = YIKES!

Is your mom in PA or Japan? Random that there is a pagoda.