Friday, November 16, 2007

Dad in town

My Dad came into town, like, forever ago.  He came to my office, met my boss, saw the trading floor, took me dinner at Craft, one of my favorite restaurants, (I blogged about it previously here) and then came and saw my new apartment.  As usual, we had the best time.  Here we are at Craft.


Elise said...

Okay, I don't know what is in that pot, but it looks chocolaty and if it is, I want some!

Rae said...

OH my gosh Elise. You HAVE to come out and we HAVE to go here, even if it's just for dessert. It's a pricey place but the desert is seriously AMAZING!!! I wrote about this place when I went with my friend Casey and his family a few months ago. There were seven of us and we all got different desserts and we all shared. (Something I'm not usually a fan of since I'm so picky but I loved EVERYthing.)
You're correct, that is chocolaty. It's yummy chocolate souffle, which they poor delicious cream in, and has fudge, and I get a scoop of strawberry ice cream with it. It is HEAVENLY.