Sunday, February 28, 2010

The (weekend's) daily ten

Delicious brunch at Agave with seven girls, all of whom only knew a few of each other, that ended up being a blast. We had so much to chat about and were there for about two hours.
Getting to catch up with Felicia who was in town for a girls' trip, and worked on convincing her to move out.
A beautiful weather day on Saturday.
Catching up with Mitch after (almost) five years.
Visiting the MoMA, one of my favorite museums.
Going to the Top of the Rock with very minimal crowds. We were able to walk right up, so nice.
A good spirit at church, as usual, and hearing exactly what I've needed, and have been thinking a lot about all week.
Yummy sugar cookies at Linger Longer.
Harry Reid (+ bodyguards) at our ward. Interesting.
Our awesome home teachers came over.

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