Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The daily ten

Found the motivation to go to the gym tonight when I thought I'd thrown in the towel.
Watched a tourism dvd on Rio that made me even more excited.
Hung out with Logan and Jeff, love those guys.
On a packed 4/5 I still got a seat.
Beat my high score on Doodle Jump. (Thanks for the tip about shooting the UFOs Meggan!) Wow, I'm a dork.
While walking to work Enter Sandman came on my iPhone which always makes me smile and get really pumped because I feel like I'm at the Yankees game and Mo's coming in to close it out.
My coworker on one side had a birthday today, and my coworker on the other side got engaged last night. She's been with her boyfriend 9 years. I am so excited for them!
Was endlessly tormented by the guys at work. I love them.
When explaining that a particular guy wouldn't fit in my family one of the guys said, "Why, is he a democrat?" (No offense to my democrat friends-I love you!) It just made me laugh.
Had a really good day at work, with a lot of laughs, and I left really happy.
The frustrating video conference I've been trying to set up with Tokyo turned into a conference call, which makes it a heck of a lot easier on me.

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meggan said...

I honestly can't remember what I did before Doodle Jump came into my life. When I got my new high score the other day, I screamed and jumped up on the couch. Cool, Meggan. Real cool.