Saturday, February 20, 2010

The daily ten

Bradialine are in town.
The work day went by quickly.
I rode my bike to Brad, Nadia, and Madeline's hotel tonight. I miss my bike and want the weather to get warmer stat.
Ate very poorly today, but felt like I at least worked some of it off biking. Sheesh.
I got to babysit Mad. It was looking like it might be a long night with a tired little one, but we had a good time and I even got her to go to bed. I was excited for Brad and Nad to have a date night.
Had a good chat with Libby.
A guy I walked past in the street nearly hit me in the face while he was pointing with a cigarette in his hand, but luckily missed. Nasty cancer stick.
I survived putting a project together for a meeting at work I was really dreading.
I got my Brazil visa!!
And the most sister Rebecca is expecting her third baby!!! I am SO excited!

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