Monday, February 15, 2010

Vermont highlights

  • Getting out of the city at 10am and avoiding all holiday traffic.
  • Getting to the house early, all grocery shopping for 17 done, and a lovely dinner out for the four of us.
  • A relaxing morning at the Equinox spa (which, for the record, I thought was overrated, but still enjoyed.) I especially liked the outdoor hot tub.
  • Being reminded that I don't hate my body, and I'm dreading getting older, as I got ready in the locker room while it was very busy with other patrons.
  • Being introduced to the heaven (and later sickness) that is brown sugar on french toast.
  • A quiet afternoon with an almost empty house while others were out shopping.
  • Lots of fun games, including Nertz, Things, Hearts, and That Game, which apparently has a real name, which is Celebrities. (I still like calling it That Game.)
  • A plethora of "that's what she said" jokes.
  • A round of "Never Have I Ever" that stayed surprisingly pretty innocent, thankfully.
  • An awesome Valentine's dinner/birthday night for Sarah.
  • Sparklers!
  • Valentines stockings with fun Valentines.
  • Lots of Olympics.
  • Endless fires.
  • Lots of laughing
  • An out of the blue, practically obligated "that's what she said" joke from Daniel that had Libby and I on the floor, screaming with laughter, until my head, face, and stomach hurt.
  • Lots, lots, and lots more laughter.
  • An awesome house.
  • Three rounds of pool, played with three different guys, won all three times due to each one scratching on the 8 ball. Muahaha.
  • Late night venting sessions with my roommate Katie.
  • Incredible outlet shopping; two suits from BCBG at $100 each, a peacoat, and two $50 dresses from Betsy Johnson (one of which I can wear to Megan's rehearsal dinner in June.)
  • Beating Libby in Nertz by three points.
  • Taco Bell on the ride home.
  • Lots of *gg on the ride home and after we arrived at home.
Thanks friends. Happy Valentine's Day. :)


maggie said...

i love reading about your travel adventures, sounds like a great time!

chiggidy said...

you are such a good blogger. i aspire to be like you!

oh, and fill me in on the gossip ;-) if any of it was about me, you better be telling me!

chelse said...

i love your new bloggings. It makes me happy when you talk about you're happy life. I thought about doing what you are, but turns out my life is a little more boring here in Utah. Weird

nertzfan said...

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