Friday, February 12, 2010

The daily ten

Made valentines tonight at Carly's (first time I've actually made a valentine if you can believe it.)
After a month or two of staying away from the Treats Truck I indulged.
Was angry when I realized I had to do laundry at 10pm, but Britt had to do it also so I had company.
Made my mom laugh when I told her to relax, and then broke into "Relax, don't do it, when ya wanna get through it..." at 10am, which was 7am her time.
The pizza man brought my roommates the wrong pizza so he brought them another, so I got to munch on the first pizza.
Went to Topshop for the first time and realized it's so much better than I expected.
Had a nice chat with my cab driver.
Had a nice time visiting teaching.
Got everything done at work that I needed to.
Packed for Vermont, where I'll be all weekend (not blogging.)
Happy Valentine's Day!


Jamie said...

i've been slacking on my daily ten. need to get back in the groove. have fun in vermont!

maggie said...

Have a fun weekend in Vermont, sounds good!