Thursday, February 25, 2010

The daily ten

A huge problem at work was not really worked out, but we made it through the day. I am so lucky the boss man isn't a diva.
Helped the boss man move a desk in his office, which made me really laugh, because I felt like his wife trying to help and then "directing" him, as he said, when he decided he needed to do it himself. Hysterical.
Finally found a pair of yoga pants I think will be long enough. It's only taken four pairs.
Got a bunch of really cheap basics (tees, tanks) at VS.
Did my long overdue laundry.
Ran an extra mile at the gym. Don't know where that came from but I was pretty happy about it.
Fresh towels after my shower.
Fresh sheets for bed.
Good roommate chat.
Watched the last few minutes of the US hockey game on the tvs at work. Super exciting.
My friend's mom made it through brain surgery.

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