Friday, February 19, 2010

The daily ten

Got my daily smile/nod/wave from the newsstand guy. I never stop and buy anything, but I pass him every morning and we say hello.
It was so bright and sunny today, it almost felt like it was almost spring.
Went to the new Hale & Hearty by work and the staff was ridiculously friendly.
Stopped by H&M after work but didn't buy anything.
Gave in and had pizza for dinner. It's been a while, and there was an online coupon.
Gave my neighbors a second warning because their daily pot smoking was seeping into our apartment. They came over and apologized with an expensive bottle of wine (which we gave away, obviously.)
It's Libby's birthday!
I'm not sure who brought up the idea, but we decided to throw up a stunt in the living room (pictures to come.)
A great group of friends came over for Libby's party and we had a lot of laughs.
It's finally staying light long enough so it's not dark when I leave work. Hurray!

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