Friday, February 26, 2010

The daily ten

Chicken tiki masala for lunch. Mmmmm. So good.
Really pretty, big flake snowfall all day. I typically don't even like when it snows, but it was really pretty. Every time I looked out the window at work the snow was swirling and it looked just like a snow globe.
It was sort of a snow day in the city today, which meant people left work early, which meant I was told I could leave at 4pm-woohoo!
It wasn't terribly cold like I'd anticipated when I left the apartment tonight.
Went and saw Valentine's Day and actually liked it. I think because I went into it expecting it to be the worst movie ever, from everything I heard, but actually laughed a lot. It was entertaining.
Katie Rose stopped by to hang out for a bit-love her.
Had to wade through a giant puddle while walking to the movies and my wellies didn't quite make it. My socks got pretty wet, but I was wearing my super thick socks so it wasn't as bad, and when I got to the movies the DSW that's attached was still open so I could buy some new socks. Thank goodness, nothing's worse than cold wet feet!
Bonus day. Best day.
Paid all my bills.

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Jamie said...

i've been slacking on my daily tens. i need to start up again. i enjoyed valentine's day too! and i think snow looks pretty when you are looking at it from inside a warm building too!