Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Friday night date

Friday night Brad and Nadia went to see South Pacific so Mad and I got to have a little date night. She watched Shrek and Mickey, and I enjoyed having such an adorable subject on which to practice taking photos.
There's a lot of photos here. I know. They'll look like repeats to most of you, but obviously the parents, grandparents, and I can't get enough. :)

Later she decided she wanted Mickey and Shreck. Shreck's on the little dvd player, and Mickey's on tv. You can tell who her preference is.


Nadia said...
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maggie said...

great pictures. i take lots of my neice too, she's almost the same age as your niece by the looks of it. she loves mickey as well. great shots, love the one of her feet! what fun!

Nadia said...

I LOVE the pictures. So cute. Thank you for babysitting a sick and cranky baby. You did a great job!!

Trish said...

What a doll!! And how fun that you got to watch her for a little bit. Brooke always tells me she doesn't want to impose and I have to keep reminding her that I LOVE it! Nieces are the best (although I'm sure Ryan is fun, too). :)

PS--you know I'm at a new blog, right?