Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In lieu of the daily ten

Some thoughts:
  • We're supposed to have an incredible snow storm over the next 24 hours. All the schools have already cancelled classes. A bunch of the traders have hotel rooms to stay in the city for the night to make sure they can go to work. I sort of wish every subway near me would break down so I didn't have to go to work. I walked to work once when the subways broke down, but that was August. Make no mistake, it was miserable in that heat, but I can do 4 1/2 miles in the humidity, not in a white out.
  • It was a big big day at work today. I was very apprehensive, but it turned out exceedingly well. I'm a very happy girl.
  • To say I've become obsessed with the chunky potato leek soup at Hale & Hearty would be an understatement. I think about it in the morning as I walk to work, and think I could easily eat it for breakfast. It is so good.
  • I decided to pull the trigger and invested in an SLR camera tonight. After a little research and a lot of help from Elise, I decided to go with the Canon Rebel XS. I am really excited. I promised myself after my pictures from Australia were lackluster that I'd get a nicer camera before my next trip. I'm really excited to learn how to take better photos.
  • The girls and I went to dinner with Linds at Max Brenner tonight. As usual, it was delicious. And as usual, the chit chat and laughter was even better.
  • Several times in the last week I've been reminded again and again how fragile life is. I have had some shocking news regarding friends and friends of friends and my heart aches for my loved ones.
  • I got a free Yankees umbrella with my purchase tonight. Hurray!
  • My watch, which I love, is the single thing I receive more comments on than anything else I wear. I love it, but I'm pretty sure I got a lemon. I've had a handful of problems with it and I've only had it for a year and a half. Pretty frustrating. I found out it's under warranty for two years, however I can't find the dang receipt! I did speak with a lovely lady in customer service who said to bring it into the store, and if they still carried the model she would just give me a new one. Thank you Bloomingdales! That is what I call customer service. Now just keeping my fingers crossed they have it.
  • Had a couple of long chats with my mom today, which was nice.
  • I seriously almost was smashed between two cars today. I was really lucky. Yikes.
  • Last night I dreamt about the Marriott boys. Are there even Marriott boys? And if so, are they single?


chelse said...

ohhh i'm excited that you're getting a nice camera. I saved up and got ry a nikon for christmas and we love it! and.... what big happened at work today?

miss you!

Turbo said...

Congrats on the new cam! I'm sure that you will get some amazing images in Brazil. I'm curious to see if this whole storm-thing actually happens, tonight. It is already behind schedule.

Katie McNeil said...

Ok, that watch is beautiful! Marriott boys comment made me laugh out loud. I often dream of young suitors not named Cameron. I'm not going to lie, it's fun.

Lisa said...

I just got a MK watch, and I am obsessed with it. I think I saw the one you have at Nordstrom recently, so hopefully Bloomies still has it.

Also, love the dream about the marriott boys. So funny.

Elise said...

If there are Marriott boys, marry one. Seriously. We have some Marriott's in our stake (the ward we are supposed to go to) & their house (& yard!) is killer.