Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today I'm grateful:

  • that the storm has hardly been a storm.
  • for my wellies. The puddles that accumulate when it rains or snows are ridiculous.
  • for the guys I work for. I was lamenting about the fact that all my roommates were home, everyone who's a student was out, and so many of my friends were given the day off for the "snow day." I kept reading on facebook how everyone was outside playing in the snow or enjoying the snowfall from the comfort of their warm home. After the market closed all the guys who live in the suburbs were leaving because there was a pretty big threat that the Metro North and LIRR would quit running. Around 2:45pm my guys insisted I leave. I was so happy.
  • for Liz at Bloomingdales. She was so sweet and helpful, and gave me a brand new spankin watch! Hurray!
  • for Jamar, who cracks me up and has the best laugh himself. He was at my house hanging out with my roomies when I got home. Love me some Jam!
  • for Lindsey, who's the world's best house guest.
  • to be in my warm apartment.
  • that the subways ran normally, despite the threat of the express trains running local.
  • that my commute rocks. I left work and walked two blocks and half an avenue till I could enter a subway entrance that connects with Grand Central. From that point on I was never outside again. I hopped on the 4/5 and went one stop uptown to Bloomingdales (for my watch) which has an underground entrance from the subway, then back on the 4/5 heading down town to my stop, which has a secret little entrance that leads to my building's lobby. So nice.
  • for the laugh I got on my way to work when the lit up orange hand signaling me to stop only had one finger, flipping me the bird. Every "hand" in that intersection was the same way. How did they do that?
  • for the funny little shuttle subway, which sometimes has murals (is that the right term?) on the inside and outside walls. The photo above was snapped from my phone as I walked toward the 4/5. Those tulips made me smile and get excited for spring when there's tulips all over the city. So beautiful.
  • for the hilarious girls behind the counter in the gift wrapping department of Bloomingdales. They kept me laughing while I waited for my watch to be sized.
  • for my dad to celebrate another year of life!
  • that lately things have just been coming together. Thank you Lord.


Elise said...

Okay, when I called you there was no text, just the picture. So I totally thought you were just posting a picture you took with your camera. Now, reading what you wrote, it totally makes sense.

maggie said...

That stoplight is funny! Glad things are going well for you!

Scimber said...

I love that you call your rain boots "wellies!" My little brother is 5, and calls them that too...he's a true Brit at heart. :)