Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vermont photos

Craft night at our apartment the night before.

I was making chocolate covered strawberries for our Valentine's dinner.

Courtnie with the Valentine stockings Libby made.

Lots of games.

Isn't Britt gorgeous?

Lib went all out with the Valentine's decor.

I neeeed an apartment with a working fireplace. I love the fire.

Valentine chinese take out boxes to celebrate Valentine's Day and also the Chinese New Year.

The final project. Thanks for teaching me how to make these so many years ago KB!

I thought everyone looked so happy while opening their Valentine's stockings so I went on to the front porch and took a couple pictures. I thought if anyone looked in we'd look like we were having such a good time. :)


Valentine's Day was also Sarah's birthday. Libby lighting the candles.

Britt in the holiday spirit.

Roomie love.

Our house. There's a big lake in the front that you can't see. It was frozen over and covered in snow.

*Please don't judge my photos. This was basically my first round. I still gotta learn.


Turbo said...

My favorite is the "Don't eat" note. Is that sharpie on a napkin? Hahaha. I love it.

katherine said...

What an AWESOME house! How did you land that? Looking at those chocolate strawberries made my mouth water!!! I totally remember making huge batches of these with you and dipping them in whipped cream. YUMMMMMMMM!

maggie said...

your photos are great! that house looks amazing and loved your through the window pictures. yum for strawberries!

Elise said...

Um...Why are there no cool houses like that on the West Coast?! That last picture (minus the snow) looks like a house that I would dream of.

Nadia said...

Super cute stockings. I love that idea.