Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The daily ten

Got to talk to Chelse, my love. We play phone tag like it's going out of style.
Got a yummy cookie bouquet from my mom delivered at work for Valentine's Day! (She was going to have it sent on Friday, but I mentioned to her the day before I was taking the day off for Vermont, then yesterday I wasn't at work since I had the class.)
Started feeling really sick towards the end of the day, and made it home in time before I got really sick.
Was invited to a sweet Lady GaGa dancing class with friends, (which I then sadly had to miss because I wasn't feeling well.)
Was invited to Aruba with friends. They're going the day I get back from Brazil. I checked out flights to see if I could swing just the weekend there, after Rio, but obviously it was too expensive. Why can't I have it all? :)
Since I didn't feel well I spent the evening on the couch catching up on tv.
Had the apartment to myself for a couple hours.
Decided I really liked my nail color from yesterday. (Essie's East Hamptons Cottage.)
Was able to help a lady with her baby stroller up the subway stairs and she acted like it made her day.
Chuckled to myself while reading Bridget Jones's Diary. Loving it.

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