Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The daily ten

New high score on Doodle Jump. Yes, I'm aware I have a problem.
Got my boss to laugh a few times when he was very grouchy.
Had delicious stew for dinner.
Chatted Brazil with Reagan. Got some safety tips.
Got this text, "Just got 32000 on [Doodle Jump]. I went from 22000 to 32. I think the trick is to not care-just be relaxed." Laughed hysterically because this came from a respected doctor.
Gave in after refraining for too long and got a mani/pedi.
Am way behind on tv shows but was able to watch last night's Damages with Maria.
Found out BFF Danny from college is engaged! SOOO excited for him.
Was asked to do some recruiting for a junior trader position at work.
Ran into my roommates in the hallway and had a good chat before they went to the gym.

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