Thursday, February 4, 2010

The daily ten

Had delicious soup for lunch.
Figured out a really complicated $8,000 expense statement.
The work day went by pretty quickly, and actually every day this week has.
Was asked (yesterday) to recruit for a position in my group and was able to set up an interview today.
Got the motivation I needed to work out when I walked in the door to my apartment.
Bought 2 boxes of (good) cereal for $5. Such a steal in the city.
Caught up on 24.
Had a really good workout.
When I came home Jenna was over, who's hilarious, and my whole apartment hung out and had some great uncontrollable belly laughs.
Was told by a former boyfriend that I'm one of a kind.

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chelse said...

ok random question for you. I want to change the they end of my posts and comments like how yours says "love always, Rae" and "gems" instead of comments. I've been trying to figure it out and cant. Do you remember how you did it? ps. hope you had a great weekend!