Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The daily ten*

Two Chinese dragons and a man playing a drum came up to the trading floor and did a little dance to celebrate the New Year. It was so cool.
Went to Amber's Test Nest and had such a great time. Met new friends, got to know acquaintances better, and caught up with old friends. (Not to mention had a delicious dinner!)
Finished some pending expenses.
Totally ran into my coworker's desk, and made a really loud noise that sounded like I should have been really hurt (and caused a lot of attention, which was embarrassing) but I wasn't hurt at all, thankfully (just mortified.)
Made plans with my dad who's coming in town next week.
Realized Brazil is only 10 days away!
Went to Hill Country BBQ with 17 friends. I'm not a BBQ girl, but I went to watch my friends sing karaokee. It was so worth it! Jamar sang When Doves Cry and he was incredible, and then Libby sang Tina Turner's Proud Mary and seriously brought. down. the. HOUSE. Everyone was on their feet and strangers were telling her what a great job she did. The back up band loved her as well and remembered her from the last time she was there. My roommate is a rock star.
Ran into Colin as he was leaving my apartment and I was coming home. I typically don't see him during the week since he has to go to bed early (starts work at 2am....killer.)
Dan came to dinner and we got to catch up, which was nice, since we haven't seen each other in ages, as he put it.
Got some compliance issues worked out which are typically such a pain.

*Yesterday's and today's.

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