Friday, January 4, 2008


So apparentely posting at work is back! (For now....) Too bad I don't have any of my pictures so I can't work on my overdue posts....maybe next week
In the mean time, I want some opinions about responding to questions in comments. When someone asks a questions, do you respond to them on your own post? Or go to their blog and respond as a new comment on their latest post? Responding on the asker's blog is the only sure fire way to know they get your response, however, when others read, maybe they'd also like to know the answer to the question.
Readers, weigh in....


meggan said...

I have often pondered this issue myself. What I have come to decide is that it really all depends on the question being asked. Examples:

"Where did you get that cute top?"
-answer in a personal conversation

"Who took these family photos?"
-answer in a subsequent comment, as the response may benefit other readers

Just my personal thoughts. But I am really quite interested to see what others think...

Elise said...

I say on your's. I have done it both ways, but I like it best on a later comment on the og blog.

brenna said...

I have also wondered this many times. When you determine the answer, please let me know.