Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas in California

I was able to go to California for 10 days.  I had a really great time being with my family, seeing friends, enjoying the warm weather, and eating at my favorite places of course!

Could little Megster be any cuter????  I don't think so...

Brad and Nadia flew in late Christmas Eve so we all stayed up talking and my dad got a little sleepy.  So sad.

Poor Meggy had an ear ache on Chritmas day, but she is such a trooper and always the happiest baby.

The whole family (minus me) eating our traditional Christmas morning breakfast, eggs on toast....mmmmmm.

Uncle Jason trying out Ryan's new toy.

One night my mom, Brad, Nadia, and I went down to Jason and Elise's in San Diego for dinner.  Here's me with some of my favorite girls.

At dinner at Rock Bottom.  Downtown San Diego is so fun!

Nicole and Lynette Saadeh, Lynette's mom Carol, and my mom and I had our usual get together lunch at BJ's.
Me and Jane and Richard Brown's wedding reception.  She's one of my favorites.

My best friend Cindy and I got together for our usual: eggs on toast breakfast, catching up, and Friends.  Please disregard my awkward pose.
One of my best friends from college, Aimee, drove down from LA.  We did what we do best, shopped, gossiped, discussed relationships, and ate.  Our favorite pasttimes from the good ol days.  We went to Mission Viejo Mall and ate at Claim Jumper, one of my favorite restaurants.

I love this boy.
Super awkward family photo at Christmas dinner.  Everyone minus Dad who was taking the photo.

The Holmstrom family.

The Hopes.

Mom and Dad.

Mom and me.
Brad and Nadia, the parents to be!!

Obviously I had a great time, and obviously I ate out a lot, can't go home without eating at the best places right?  I can't miss Claim Jumper, BJ's, In-N-Out, and Golden Spoon.  We saw lots of movies like Kite Runner (really liked it) and PS I Love You (  
I also got together with some old cheerleaders from high school but am so lame and didn't take a picture!  It's so interesting to see how different everyones' life is.  Tessa Iacono came with her husband who's studying medicine and Dartmouth, they're living in New Hampshire.  Ashlie Lerma came who's engaged to be married in May.  She's living in San Clemente and is using her Master's degree of Psychology working with autistic children.  Sara (Wilgus) Cavaness came who's been married 3 1/2 years, has two children, is finishing nursing school, and was baptized along with her husband into the LDS church a little over a year ago.  They live in Whittier.  It was a small group because it was so last minute, but as always, we had a great time.

Christmas was great.  I got the coat I'd been wanting from J.Crew, and the pink bowls, measuring cups, and measuring spoons I wanted from Williams Sonoma.  It was fun for everyone to be together.  The best present, however, was finding out I'm getting a new little niece!!  Brad and Nadia are expecting their first on June 2, 2008.  They are naming her Madeline Ruth.  (Madeline pronounced like the adorable little girl from the children's books.)
I've been so excited for Brad and Nad to have kids since they got married.  I know they will be the best parents.  They've known for quite a while and have successfully kept it a secret despite the time I was with them in Boston, and the few times I've seen Brad while he's been in New York on business over the last few months.  They told us Christmas Eve.  After we'd talked for hours we decided to go to bed and Brad said family prayer.  At the very end he said, "And please bless Nadia and the baby..." and then closed the prayer.  I was totally taken by surprised, and so excited!  They asked us to guess the sex, and I was write in guessing it was a girl.  That makes 3 for 3 with guessing! 


katherine said...

Shane and I found a Claim Jumper in Chicago! My parents gave him a gift gard for Christmas so we went last weekend. Mmmmm, that potato cheese chowder is SO good!

Elise said...

Please take the family Christmas photo off. Immediately.

cindelle said...

love all the pictures! so cute. those kid-os ae getting so big. i like ryan's bike game....blaine always plays the demo at toys r us. and i feel so honored to have been on your blog! ummm....eggs on toast, we need to do that again soon! love ya!

Bradia said...

Madeline wants to express her thanks for the shout out.....