Tuesday, January 8, 2008

BFF, a show, and a celeb....what more could a girl ask for?

This week Megan Marshall (one of my high school BFFs) and her mom Wendi (who is a total doll, I might add) are in town so obviously it's the best week ever. I met them Sunday at La Guardia airport and helped them make their way into the city (first time for both) and get settled into their hotel, and followed that up with a delicious dinner at one of my favorite Mexican joints, Harry's Burritos (or Harry Burrito, as I like to call it.) Expect more pictures to come, but for now enjoy this one from Nov 2005 when Meg visited me in Rexburg.

Tonight Meg and I went to see Chicago. (Poor Wendi had been sick most of the day so she stayed at the hotel in bed.) I was stoked to see it. Chicago is my favorite movie and I'd been meaning to see the play since forever, so I was glad to have someone here to get me to just go do it already. I have to admit, for the first 30 minutes I was kinda like, "Eh." I felt like the movie was so much better. But when I allowed myself to appreciate it for what it was, a play, not a movie, I really enjoyed it. The actresses who played Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly were phenomenal.
After the show ended we got up, and thankfully were on the end of the row (not the best for viewing purposes, but helps to not feel so claustrophobic.....there is no legroom is those theaters.) A guy caught my attention about 8 feet away from me when he started hacking up a lung. Guess who it was? Yep, Stephen Baldwin. I discreetly pointed him out to Meg, and was really excited because A-obviously I love spotting celebs, and B-I'm always glad when visitors get to see a celeb while they're out because it makes the NYC trip complete. I never go up to actors and say anything, but I really had to bite my tongue because I seriously wanted to say to him, "Oh my gosh, I totally loved you in Celebrity Mole." Yes, I should be embarrassed to admit I watched that show, but I'm not. I loved it. I'm sure he would have been thrilled to be complimented on such a high point in his career, don't you think?
All in all the night was perfect. :)

PS I promise I haven't forgotten about my Christmas/New Year's pictures/stories....just haven't had time for longer posts! Sorry! Soon I hope!


Elise said...

A Baldwin? SO random.

Bradia said...

didnt recognize him without a bushel of hair on the chest, or with his shirt on.....did he speak in a raspy wisper?

meggan said...

Good news, now you can say "I love you in Celebrity Apprentice." Don't laugh, episode one was pretty good last week!

linds said...

I have fond memories in my head right now of her tripping over a rock as we frantically ran away from the scary monsters at Knotts Scary Farm. Such Good Times! SERIOUSLY!

meli said...

OR..... you could have complemented on his extravagant role on BIODOME hahahahahhaha