Monday, January 7, 2008

iPod Mix

Meggan did it, and then Elise did it, now I'm doing it. The question? What are the first ten songs that come up on your iPod when it is on shuffle? The answer? Read below:

1. My Humps-Black Eyed Peas (the time I was getting on the highway to drive from Rexburg to Idaho Falls and I heard this song for the first time and thought, "Is that Fergie? This is the weirdest song ever...")
2. 1234-Feist (Aimee, because it came on a mix she gave me, and also I get annoyed feelings because I know it's on a commercial but I just can't figure out which one!!)
3. Radar-Britney Spears (running on the treadmill)
4. Peace on Earth/Silent Night-Dean Martin (Elise, because she got me into this cd)
5. Rush of Blood to the Head-Coldplay (nothing in particular, but Coldplay in general reminds me of Kevin, who took me to the Coldplay concert in 2005 and I fell in love......with Coldplay.....and maybe Kevin a little bit.....)
6. Open Your Heart-Madonna (my sister Rebecca, because she first got me into Madonna in the late 80s)
7. I Hate Myself for Losing You-Kelly Clarkson (summer of 05, driving down to Provo and visiting my exboyfriend Mitch)
8. Hit Me Baby One More Time-B. Spears (being 15 years old, and also reinacting the video at skit night at cheer camp '99)
9. Blower's Daughter-Damian Rice (Taylor Hansen because he would play this song on repeat back when I was dating Mitch)
10. Some Unholy War-Amy Winehouse (Brandon, because I was dating him when I first became obsessed with Amy and listened to her music every day during summer '07)

*Disclaimer, since I've gotten my Mac I haven't transfered over all my music, this isn't the most adequate portrayal of my complete collection.


Elise said...

Didn't you love this? I thought it was so fun.

meggan said...

Yes! Thanks for playing along, glad to see that one of your ten was B.Spears as well- I loved your comments on my "Get Well" post. I don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but you should see my moves in the car when Toy Soldier comes on.