Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Bucket List

Last night Curtis and I saw The Bucket List. I'd been really wanting to see it ever since I saw the first preview. It's not like it looked like it was going to win any Academy Awards or anything, but I think everyone knows about my huge crush on Jack Nicholson. After a little convincing over the weekend Curtis agreed to take me to see it. We finally saw it last night and it was pretty good. Yes, it was predictable, yes, there were a lot of the best parts in the previews, but I still really liked it. (Not to mention, after the movie was over I got a, "Right again" from Curtis......this is the second movie in a week he was so-so on seeing but then liked what we saw.) Oh yeah, my favorite part of the movie is when Jack shoots the gun....that's all I'll say so I don't ruin it. But I am positive I laughed much louder than everyone else in the theater (which means maybe it wasn't that funny) but I was rolling.  (Side note, today my roommate and I were emailing at work and she mentioned....and I quote....."I am NOT a Jack Nicholson fan, and I don't really care for Morgan Freeman."  ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?  Okay, honestly?  Who doesn't like Morgan Freeman?  Haven't you seen Shawshank Redemption?  And don't get me started on Jack.....)
Anyway, in honor of the movie, and being in a list movie lately, I decided to make a small, impromptu, version of my own bucket list.

  • Have my own family.
  • Take a road trip across the country
  • Take a vacation down under
  • See the pyramids
  • Ride in a hot air ballooon
  • Go skydiving
  • Go to the Oprah show (preferably her favorite things)
  • Live alone
  • Be a dog owner
  • Get over some irrational fears (like those of spiders and sharks)
  • Run a marathon
  • Live in Europe
  • Become a guru


Elise said...

I hadn't even heard of this movie. When you decide to take the cross-country road trip, call me because I am totally in.

Elise said...

I saw your addition, so I had to comment again. Seriously, who doesn't like Morgan Freeman?! That blows me away.

meli said...

oh my gosh can we PLEASE go on the favorite things episode?????? i love chicago... it's so fun. UMMM i saw the bucket list on christmas day and LOVED IT! how funny is his little assistant... and how jack nicholson is soo mean to him! hahah