Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone madness

Okay, seriously? Nothing is THAT cool. I can't believe the pandemonium that's happening outside in anticipation of the iPhone. Yeah, it's probably REALLY cool, but not THAT cool.
I work just 19 blocks south on 5th Ave from a huge (and very cool) Apple store. I kind of wish I didn't have plans right after work just so I could walk up and see the chaos.
Right now on CNN there's a countdown like it's New Year's Eve or something.
People have been in line since Tuesday. TUESDAY! Remember when I blogged about how it was pouring rain on Tuesday night? Yeah, people got tarps. If I had enough money to afford one of these phones (and really wanted one) I think I would have just offered a bum $100 to move to the sidewalk in front of the store temporarily. Then I would have cashed in on someone wanting to buy that spot.
At the Apple store in San Fran the guy who is first in line says he was offered $1200 for his spot. $1200? Okay, really? Does someone really have over a grand to just blow like that? People really can't wait a day or two longer for a phone?
I know, I know, it's not about having to have the phone right this instant (at least partially,) it's the "fun" of waiting in line (or on line, as newyorkers say.) Hmm, I guess you just have to be that sort of person.
Ever see an older version of an iPod? Yeah, when you see them you totally think, "Ew, that's so ghetto." Can't wait to see what people think of these phones a year from now.
Sorry if this post is so negative, it's just so comical to me.

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Suman Family said...

I totally agree with you! What's the big deal?

PS: It's fun to visit people in the "blog world". Thanks for saying hi!