Monday, June 25, 2007

Atlantic City

So Atlantic City was quite the relaxing 24 hours.
We all met up after work on Friday at Hertz to pick up a rental car and drove up to AC. As we were getting near the town we saw so many baby deer alongside the road. It was so neat!
We got there, checked in, and then went to the pseudo-strip. The place we were staying at was INCREDIBLE. The beds were huge and SO comfortable. In the master bedroom where Chelsie and I slept there was a huge tub with jets. There was a fireplace in the living room, and a little patio. There were three huge tvs in the whole place.
When we got to the strip we ate a very late dinner at a restaurant in the Taj Mahal. Then we walked along the boardwalk. I have to say, it was really strange.
After that we went back for the night. KaRyn and Chelsie dropped Erin and me off. Erin went to bed and I took advantage of the tub. KaRyn and Chelsie went out shopping for some snacks.
I got up early the next morning and went to the spa at the resort for my massage. The spa was SUPER nice, but I was somewhat disappointed with the massage. It was given by an old man, and I kind of got the impression he was worried I was going to be weirded out so he was holding back or something.
After my massage I met up with the girls again and we went to the pool for four hours. It was amazing. Here are the pics......and there's more to come.


Kathryn said...

Love the swimsuit. And- I definitely need a good pair of aviators. I've been searching...

Rae said...

Thanks! I bought the aviators at a very fancy, very upscale, stand on Lexington Ave. They cost a pretty penny.....($5) ;)

Ang said...

You were supposed to take a picture of the swimsuit ON you. Just kidding. I wouldn't pose with my swimsuit for all to see.

Rodrigo said...

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