Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Goodbye old friend

I'm officially an unlicensed driver. Yep, my license expired a little over two weeks ago. Instead of renewing a California license (why would I do that? I don't live there) I opted to make it official and get one from New York. I'm going to the DMV tomorrow and I have to surrender my old license. I'm kind of sad about that so I thought I would at least make a memory of it. This is from when I was 19. The stats are from when I got my permit at age 15....obviously, why my weight was so low, back when I was super tall and so skinny. (Don't act like you didn't check.)

And just for fun.....when I was a brand spankin new driver.


Kathryn said...

Good luck with the NYC DMV. It's an absolute nightmare.

I've driven once in about 2 years. No need here!

Rae said...

Haha, thanks. I just got back, wasn't too bad. I know I won't need one, but I'd rather just have one than a lame ID, plus I think I'd like to have one for when I go home.

Jake, Cindy & Blaine said... it is just too official that your not coming back to cali! :( sad day!! i don't think i can handle this...too much change. i feel like joey..."we should take a vote on these things!" and i didn't even think to look at your wieght until you said something..besides, who is actually honest on their drivers licnese's not like they have a scale there to challenge you!! (thank goodness!)

Rae said...

The best part about NY licenses? They don't have put your weight on them. Haha.

Steve and Rebecca said...

Mom and Dad's address is on here. Call me paranoid, but I would take these pics of your license off.

Rae said...

You are right! I am seriously so lame.
Thanks to Paint, I took care of that!!

Ang said...

Ha! You're right.. I checked even before reading the post before the pictures. You probably don't weight much more than that now! I remember weighing 135 in h.s., but probably won't see those days ever again.