Thursday, January 8, 2009


So I learned the hard way last year that planning a sunny escape mid-winter is a must living in this city.  So I've been thinking a lot about where to go and when.  My first long weekend is two weekends away so that's too soon, and President's weekend is also Valentine's weekend (such lame timing) so I imagine most probably want to stick around (but if not, let me know!)
My wifey Shantay and I have also been saying for a few months that it'd be really fun to meet up somewhere for a little bff/twinner/wifey getaway.  Now that she's a grown up married lady (not to mention lives 2000 miles away) we don't really get to have our weekly lunch dates anymore.  Seeing as how we were basically attached at the hip (it's hard not to be when you're twins separated at birth) this has been ridiculously difficult.
So we were chatting today and decided we're going to make it happen!!  I could not be more excited!
So now we're let with figuring out where to go!  We've both been to Cancun and Puerto Rico (plus don't want to go quite that far east anyway) and I want to do something a little more exotic than Florida.  Any suggestions?  My initial thoughts were Grand Cayman, Costa Rica, or Belize.  I know lots of people who've been to the first two but don't know much about Belize.  Or there's always the other places in Mexico.
Also, we want to make it somewhat central for both of us, so neither has to travel super far.  And then obviously, cost.  I've heard great things about all inclusive vacations, but I've never done one myself.  Plus I think it makes it sort of tricky since we're flying from two different destinations.  I'd love to hear any recommendations!  We're thinking maybe four days, five max. 
I know no matter what we'll have so much fun just being together, but an awesome location would make it that much more perfect!


Trish said...

I've heard really great things about Belize--especially if you like snorkling or scuba. Scott and I just booked our first vacation of the year...HAWAII!! We're going the first week in March and I'm so excited. We don't get any holidays with work until Easter--what kind of sucktown deal is that?

Elise said...

grand cayman was the best. we loved it so much & i would love to go back.

i have heard that all inclusive vacations are a good deal too, but i always wonder if it is really worth it for the non-drinking crowd.

Ryan and Laura said...

I was watching the trusty travel channel and they were hyping up Belize because it's all exotic, not too far away, and people speak english. Sounds good to me! I'll be wishing I was you whenever you go!!

Jhope said...

How about a cruise? You might be able to go to 2 of those places you mentioned and its all inclusive and so much fun!

Trish said...

Agree--cruises are a total blast!!

Ashley said...

my sister and her husband went to belize a few years ago and loved it. there is a lot of good snorkling, hiking, and ruins to see if you want to do stuff other than lay on the beach. since its such a small place you can even take a day trip to guatamala and hit 2 countries in 1 trip. also, make sure to bring your sunscreen bc its right on the equator and the sun is very hot there. have fun whereever you go!

melissa said...

i went on the western Caribbean cruise after i graduated and it was ok... we were supposed to stop in grand cayman but the weather was bad and stormy. that was basically the only reason i chose the cruise... so it was a huge bummer. but we went to costa maya - by cancun on the yucatan peninsula and to belize and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! even though we were just on one of those little private islands the whole day it was so amazing. the water was crystal clear. i heard there's a lot to do there.. on the real country, not the island. so check it out. i have some friends going in feb so i'll ask around and get some info

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