Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'd really love to escape this cold winter we're having and head to the sparkly waters of Powell.

(In my chubbier days.)  I'd also really love to work on my tan.  I'm pretty sure I'm at my all time pastiest.  By the end of that Powell trip I'd never been so dark.


Elise said...

ahhh! such a fun trip. i wanna go too. right now! :)

i'm looking pretty pasty these days too. it doesn't help that i have a husband that gets tan in like 5 minutes when we read by the pool.

oh & those were my skinnier days. sad.

Jen Demaris said...

Ya I agree with you there I could really take a get-away right NOW! So you are a toothpick girl! You are looking so cute!

AdriHutch said...

Haha...You are dark. Laura said that we couldn't be related because you are so dark and I am so not! :)

maggie said...

I agree, I am dying to get away. I just need warmth. And a tan would be nice.

Trish said...

Look at that stomach--how can you call that chub?? I would LOVE to go to Lake Powell some day (before it isn't there anymore...). Did you stay at a hotel or on a houseboat?? And when the heck is the next Marks Family Reunion??

Marcus and Amy said...

Chubbier? Where? You never have been and never will be! You look great!
I wish I could get that tan...if I ever do, it will only last a week! Plus I would love to go to Powell - I have never been, maybe one day!