Monday, January 12, 2009

Thanksgiving in January

So I realize these photos are two months late, but I had some difficulties between losing my camera cord and having bad internet.
At any rate, I went to California for a week to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  It was such a fun trip home.  All my siblings were their, and on Thanksgiving my grandparents, Uncle Mike, cousins, and cousin Adrienne's family were with us for dinner.  Such a good time.
I was able to spend some time seeing my sister's new house in Murrieta, and brother's new apartment in Cardiff by the Sea.
I didn't get as many pictures as I normally would have liked, but here's a few.

Maddie with her daddy, grandpa, and great grandpa.

Little cuties Ryan and Adrienne's daughter Jolie.

I can't squeeze these kiddies enough.

Brad and Mad.

The sibs, Brad, me, Rebecca, and Jason

Our failing attempts to get six kids under the age of five to sit for a photo.

Maddie and her grandpa


Trish said...

The cousins on the couch. Can you believe that once upon a time that was us!! They are sooo precious. AND your hair totally rocks that length.

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