Saturday, January 31, 2009

T-1 day...

...until I eliminate soda from my diet.  I know right?  Who woulda thunk it.  My boss is going on three week break from alcohol and he said to be supportive I had to give up caffeine.  At first my reaction was your typical "psh."  And then I decided to go for it, and while I was at it, might as well just make it soda all together.  My dad gave up caffeine a few years back and he never quit craving it.  I think it's because he still drinks soda.  I never would have thought I'd actually give this up, but I'm going for it (and I got my dad on board too.  The rest of my family scoffed at me...apparently addiction runs in the family.)
I have to say it will definitely be the most difficult to refrain in the morning, and when I eat mexican food, mac and cheese, or any salty treat.  
Let's face it, this is going to suck.
But 2009 is the year for betterment for me,'s to sucking down a 12 pack on Superbowl Sunday and getting myself sick so I never crave it again.


Jamie said...

wow, you are a brave one! i don't think i could live without my diet coke. good luck!

maggie said...

Good luck! I couldn't do it. I tried cutting down the daily dose of diet coke, and that was hard! Good job for you!