Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh the places (I hope) to go

I hadn't thought much about New Year's resolutions.  I never really do.  A few changes I'd wanted to make in life I'd started working on a few months back.  It wasn't until I spent some time in Utah over Christmas with family and had a few days to hear all about my cousin Kim's fabulous jet-setting life style that I started thinking more about how I really really want to travel more this year.  I've lived in New York for almost two years now and am embarrassed to say I really haven't been anywhere.  A somewhat lame excuse is that last year I did have quite a bit of traveling to do for two weddings I was in, a bridal shower I threw, a baby blessing I attended, and somewhat of a family reunion over Thanksgiving.
This year (as far as I know) I don't have too many other obligations so I plan on spending my money and vacation days on seeing more of the US and world.  No more envious feelings while I hear about awesome trips to Hong Kong, London, Costa Rica, and Egypt (and then some!)
This year I'm going to travel travel travel!
So I've made the following goals.  This year I will:
*Visit one new country
*Visit two new US cities
*Take a tropical vacation to a new place
*Take a solocation

This Saturday I found myself in Borders browsing the travel section and I added these books to my library:

It was a tough call between the original 1000 Places to See Before You Die and the US and Canada version, but I went with the latter because I feel like I already have somewhat of an idea of other countries I want to see, but I really want to learn more about what the US has to offer.
I'm really excited about the second book.  The woman who wrote it has done a ton of traveling, and has visited six of the seven continents, at least once by herself!  She covers all the basics of where to go, what to see, how to do it affordably, and what things to keep in mind regarding safety.
I've been working on enjoying doing more things solo.  Obviously it's always really fun to do things in a group, or with a significant other, but I do enjoy some things by myself, like seeing movies, shopping, or just being alone.  I want to expand my experiences, and want to do some of those things by myself.
I'd love any suggestions of where you all have gone, especially if it was a solo trip!
I'm open to so many countries, but I'm thinking I really want to go to England.  It's just across the pond and I feel like it's a sin to live in New York and never visit London.  I'd love to see other areas of Europe as well.  I really want to go to Paris.  I've already seen a good amount of Italy, a bit of Germany, and glimpses of Switzerland and Austria.  I'm sure there's so much more for me to see in those countries, but right now the focus is places I've never been.
As far as US cities go, I'm dying to see San Francisco, New Orleans, and Seattle.  I also plan on going to DC this year.  There's no good reason I haven't been there seeing as how it's only a four hour drive, and now I really have no excuse since I have friends there.
Where else should I go???
PS Thanks for the suggestions regarding my trip with Shantay!  There's been a little change in plans.  Now she's coming here!!  I'm so excited to finally get to show her my city.  (She's been here, but not since I've been a local.)  
In the mean time, I'm still planning my winter getaway with some other city dwellers.


Elise said...

I have the 1,000 places to Visit in US & Canada. It was fun to go through and put marks on the things I've done, Jason's done, & we've done together. Plus, whenever we go anywhere, it is the first thing I look at for things to do. You will really like the book.

San Francisco is such a cool city. We really liked it when we went a couple years ago. Seattle is really fun too. So pretty & green. They would both be good places to go to alone, because they are easy to manange.

chiggidy said...


i'd love to go somewhere with you --- i HAVE to go to Europe this year. England, France, Italy....

your travel goals are perfect. i'd like to accomplish all the same things this year!

Kate McNeil said...

ooooh travel. when people ask the "what would you do with a million dollars?" question, I always answer travel.

I second the England choice. Airfares are so cheap to Europe from here! You MUST see Paris if you go to England, it's only a short trip across the channel. If only for a day to see the Eiffel Tower and eat a crepe, it's worth it.

The good thing about living on the East Coast is that cities are closer together and much more connected by trains and buses. Cameron and I loved Maine, and there are some beautiful beaches in Rhode Island. New Haven is a fun day trip and it's cool to walk around Yale.

I love Seattle, two of my siblings live there. Try to go in the summer.

I'm embarrassed I haven't been to DC yet! It's only 4 hours away. That's on our to-do list this year too.

Oh and your winter getaway sounds so amazing after this weekend's weather. I've heard really good things about Belize and Cameron wants to go because, of course, there is good fishing! There are also cheap flights to Bermuda.

Sorry I wrote a novel, I just love traveling too. Oh, and I can't sleep it's 2 in the morning!

meggan said...

solocations are amazing, in fact I am worried that I may never go on a trip with anyone else ever again! You must keep us updated on where you decide to go, I am looking forward to the advice!

maggie said...

it all sounds great! i always make the promise to travel more, but i never do, mostly b/c of money! i look forward to reading where you end up going and the adventures that you'll have!! if i had a million dollars i would definitely go many places!!! have fun!

Janie's World said...

I love London! The only problem is it is really expensive. But it is exciting! Paris is one of the most beautiful cities, but I wouldn't stop there. I would take a train to the Loire Valley and spend a couple of days, then move on down to the south of France. It's all soooo beautiful and with the high speed trains, totally accessible. Cynthia went to Japan a couple of years ago by herself and loved it. It all depends on what you want in a vacation. I'm hoping my next trip will be to Venice, Italy.

michellekae said...

That is a great book! I love it! Houston and I are going to try to visit every state in the country! Good luck with your goal. That is very exciting!

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