Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's safe to say in the last month I've seen a lot of movies.  Here's my thoughts:

Good acting by Sean Penn, as always.  Interesting story that made me think.  I'm surprised they didn't release it before Prop 8 was voted on.  Sort of slow at times, they could have cut out maybe 20 minutes.  Oh yeah, and I love Josh Brolin.  Totally crush on him.

The best movie in all these.  Absolutely phenomenal.  So inspiring.  It was tough for me at times to not jump up and cheer.  Everyone should see this, and I wouldn't say that about very many R-rated movies.

Great acting, but totally depressing.  I wouldn't recommend it.

I realize "great acting" is redundant, but it's true. Meryl Streep was awesome.  I wouldn't put it at the top of your list, but definitely worth seeing.  It's nice to see a different story line.

Loved it.  I haven't seen many Clint Eastwood movies (Million Dollar Baby might be my only one?) but it really was great.  I couldn't figure out how it was going to end and then I totally loved how they wrapped it up.  If you're sensitive to racial slurs this is definitely a no go.  It's slightly cheesy at times but still really great.  I could have done without Clint singing the song to the ending credits, however.  I also loved that Clint's character reminded me of an extreme version of my grandpa-old war vet, grumpy, racist, very handy, and lovable.

Eh.  I didn't love it.  Interesting story, and even though you know the ending it gets really intense at times, however I was often bored, and thought it was lame no one spoke with a german accent (except Hitler, who was surprisingly sort of creepy to see.)

Anne Hathaway was amazing.  Not a movie I'd recommend to just anyone.  Sort of artsy, and some might just say it was dumb.  I was entertained, and enthralled by Anne.  She's reason enough to see it.  Interesting portrayal of families and how they cope with life's curve balls.

Cute.  Bring tissues.  Jen is gorgeous and I want to hate her.

Extremely well done.  Interesting story that kept me invested.  Sad.  Great acting.  I love the girl in it, Freida Pinto, she's strikingly gorgeous.  Everyone loves an underdog and this one is a winner.

I was dragged to this one despite thinking it looked like maybe the lamest movie ever.  Going in with the lowest of low expectations I found myself pleasantly surprised.  It made me laugh a number of times.  Completely unrealistic and ridiculous, but good for a laugh.

I still have yet to see this one.  It's rare I'm not fighting sleep in any movie, so I have to really gear up for this lengthy film.  I've heard really mixed things so I'm going in with no expectations.


Elise said...

you have to see bejamin button. i loved it. and brad is really easy on the eyes...

Trish said...

I thought BB was kind of slow, but Elise is so right about Brad Pitt. He will always be my true love. :P

I REALLY want to see Milk, but I think I'm gonna have to go that one alone. I LOVED Slumdog Millionaire. And really liked Gran Torino. I've seen the Revolutionary Road preview a million times and it does look incredibly depressing. I have no desire to see it.

nerak said...

Man, I wish I was as good as you at seeing movies! I love movies but people here aren't as apt to go, I find it strange. Anyways, glad to hear your reviews. I read Revolutionary Road, so I kind of have to see it. And I'll just add my two cents about BB -- I was mesmerized. I'm a terrible movie critic, but I really enjoyed it even for it's length and pace.

Debbie said...

Can't believe all the movies you have seen. I need to catch up.....nice blogginig of the movies!
Love Mom

Jhope said...

Big brother advice = cut down on the R rated movies.

Steve and Rebecca said...

You should be a movie critic! Steve and I loved Benjamin Button, but it is a little long