Monday, February 4, 2008

19-0? Fuggedabowdit!

Dear Tom Brady:
This is what a winner looks like:

and this is what a loser looks like:

Remember that time your team tried to no avail to tackle that winner Eli Manning?

And then how about when Eli's friend David Tyree had that amazing catch after Eli's escape?

And then even better, trapped the ball with his helmet, while completing that stellar catch....

and then another of Eli's friends, Plaxico Buress scored the winning touchdown.  Do you remember that?

It was a pretty sweet day.

Just thought you'd like a lesson or two about how we win Super Bowls these days.

So maybe next year during your "prep" time, you shouldn't follow in Romo's steps (remember how his game after his trip to Mexico with Jess turned out?)  Maybe next year instead of spending your time in New York canoodling with Giselle, you should be doing a little studying, you know, like Eli did.  Don't worry though Tom, hey, we can't blame you.  It's understandable that you'd want to spend as much time as you can in the Big Apple, and you know, Giselle's not bad either.  

Better luck next year Tommy.
Humbly yours,
A New Yorker

So clearly I'm on cloud 9 after the amazing game yesterday.
I've been so pumped the last couple weeks, every day walking out my front door only to find my beloved Post waiting for me, with more scoop about the upcoming game.  
For some reason almost everyone in my family has decided to become Boston fans.  Thankfully, I still have Jason and Elise on my side.  
I've dealt with a lot of trash talking, but no one came close to what my dad dished out.  Almost daily he referred to my team as the "little sisters" (a loving nickname I gave to the Mets last season.)  Then this weekend my mom revealed to me she was rooting for Boston as well, then went on and on about how she really felt badly because it was going to be "so lop-sided" and "such a blow out."  Hey Boston fans!  Don't ever discount us again, or we'll just have to show you who's boss again, and again, and many times as it takes.
I can't explain how sweet it was so win this game.  The cliche that Boston is so humble and is the sweet and lovable underdog couldn't be more outdated.  
I had an absolute blast last night.  It started out with Curtis, Chelsie, and I heading up to West 111th St. to Zack and Scott's.  There was a good group there, and we enjoyed watching the 2nd quarter and half time show there.  Then we headed to West 92nd St. to Seth and Logan's.  It was a zoo here, but a ton of fun.  We found a little space on the floor and tuned in for the 3rd and 4th quarters.  It was absolutely insane as we watched the amazing plays unfold.  I have to admit, when the score was 14-10 Pats, there was a small part of me that would have been really excited if things didn't change because that would have meant I won $500 in the office pool.  HOWEVER, I did NOT sell out, and rooted my Giants onto V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!
After the game we headed out to walk the four blocks to the subway and of course, the party was already happening outside.  Everyone was cheering and high-fiving, and maybe there were a few expletives in reference to New England.....but I'm not sure.  I can't imagine a nice New York fan ever saying anything like that.
Tomorrow is the parade, which conveniently starts in Battery Park, and then heads up Broadway, aka Canyon of Heros.  The map below shows the route.  I live right where Rector meets Broadway so yes, the Giants will be going right in front of my building.  My boss is Brazil, soooo I may just have to sneak home for a couple hours.

Have I mentioned I love this town?


janiegore said...

OOh, just a little mean, hating on Tom Brady. Maybe you are truly turning into a New Yorker!

You know I love you!

Bradia said...

I would try to act like the humble new yorker you claim to be, and then if you can win a few more, then come talking like you do, otherwise consider the Giants fluke win an outlier...
9 days till the reigning MLB Champs pitchers and catchers report to training camp.....

meli said...

hahahah i love you!!!! this was hilarious.....

Elise said...

I f-ing hate Boston teams & their bandwagon fans. Seriously. So obnoxious. Even though the Chargers couldn't pull it out like the Giants did, I am glad that you, me, and Jason have enough of a brain to know better than to root for Boston.

diana lillefloren said...

All I know is that I won $70 in a football pool. Yeah for the Giants & ME!

Nadhope said...

Wow Elise - those are pretty harsh words for at least half your inlaws.