Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Shantay's Wedding

So I had the best time in Boise.  I left on Wednesday, flying through Minneapolis, BARELY making my connecting flight.  As usual, the flight out of JFK was delayed two hours.  When we got to Minneapolis I was standing (in the back of the plane) at 9:10 and my next flight was leaving at 9:25pm.  When I finally got off the plane I was doing "the total Home Alone scene" as my mom always says, and barely made it.  Thank goodness!

Wifeys reunited at last!
On Friday Shantay had a few errands to run.  We ended up hitting up the mall to get a couple things, and got a little sidetracked shopping at Shantay's favorite store, Express.  There was only one dressing room so we just shared it.  It was there that we realized we'd grabbed a lot of the same things, and ironically always tried them on at the same time.  Here's one of the outfits (which neither of us purchased.)
Friday night I got together with one of my favorite old college roommates, Alli (Roberts) Bills!  We lived together in 304 at the Ridge in fall '03.  This was, hands down, one of my top three favorite semesters.  Alli, Libby, Nicole, and I were inseparable, getting in all kinds of shenanigans.  We were super tight.  I hadn't seen Al since our brief catch up back in fall '04.  We went to Johnny Carino's for old times sake.  That was one of my favorite restaurants in Idaho Falls during college.  We had the best time catching up, and taking a trip down memory lane.  We were both bent over laughing hysterically.  She is an absolute doll!
Being born on the same day, Shantay and I share the pearl as our birth stone.  For her wedding gift I bought Shantay (and myself since I loved it so much) a necklace from Dogeared.  This necklace is the Pearls of Friendship necklace.  I highly recommend this website.  They have the cutest, girliest jewelry.  I definitely plan to buy from there again.
I couldn't help myself when we drove through this intersection.  :)
I drove Shantay to the church for her wedding.  I love how her dress filled up have the front of the car!

Right before the wedding!
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Nelson!  Sam was baptized about a month before they were married and they can't wait to go to the temple in a year.

Isn't she gorgeous??
Shantay really wanted me to catch her bouquet, and considering the fact that I'm so tall (and most the other girls were like 12 years old) it wasn't hard to oblige!
Country dancing with Shantay's new sisters-in-law
Love love love them.  Honestly, they are perfect for each other.

Boise from the air.  It was so nice to see mountains!


Elise said...

Can't go wrong with Pink & Black. They look very happy. What a fun trip

Steve and Rebecca said...

She is so cute! I want a jaw line like hers!! I am destined to a double chin forever!! Gald you had fun!