Monday, February 18, 2008

Best previews ever

I forgot to talk about previews on my last post.  When Curtis and I went to see Definitely, Maybe there were honestly the BEST previews!!  He and I are totally preview people.  We actually really don't go to movies if we're going to be late and miss them.  Since we obviously see lots of movies, we see lots of previews.  Lately they've been a little disappointing.  We've seen that scary preview for that movie 10,000 BC about 400 times.
However, Saturday night was different.  There were honestly the best previews ever!
First off, The Other Boleyn Girl.  I've seen previews for this before, but I was so excited because for the first time this one actually showed that it's rated PG-13!  Clearly, I've been seeing some Rs, but I at least sometimes try not to.  Okay, so maybe lately I've been bad, but the point is, most of the movies these days are pretty lame.  That's not a rationalization, I'm just saying.....ANYway, so I'm just excited because I expected this one to be R.  I don't normally get into movies from earlier eras like this one, but I think it looks sooo good!

Next, a preview came on I hadn't seen anything or read anything about.  First off, I see Dennis Quaid, one of my top 5.  I kinda tap Curtis and mention how excited I am since I love Dennis....

....then Ellen Page comes onto the screen.  SWEET!  My favorite new it-girl is in a movie with one of my top 5!  We all know how I felt about Juno, so I'm obviously stoked!  At this point, I'm grabbing Curtis' arm, and kind of jumping in my seat.  But wait, it gets better.....

....lastly, guess who appears before my eyes?  That's right, SJP!!!!!  Actually, that's exactly what I said after I gasped, "SJP!"  Curtis said, "SJP?!"  Before I could respond with, "SarahJessicaPARKER!" and a "DUH!" tone, he realized who I meant, and totally started cracking up.  I couldn't really even get the gist of the movie because I was too excited, jumping up and down like a little kid.  I can't believe all these fabulous people in one movie!  I cannot WAIT to see Smart People.

To make things EVEN better than I could possibly imagine, next they show the very first preview I've ever seen of Sex and the City the movie.  I couldn't even handle it at that point.  Poor Curtis' arm must be sorely bruised because I kept slapping it in disbelief.  I've been hearing the rumors about this movie for years, reading about the contemplations, been over the moon once the deal was sealed, and shamelessly stalking the movie trailers (which reminds me, I have more sightings to post about.)  Now, finally, they are advertising.  I read about the wrap party at Butter months ago, and have been waiting forever to hear anything about the release.  Unfortunately, I again, was too excited to really soak in the preview, and really even pay attention.  But the point is, I'm stoked!  

Can't wait to see Mr. Big back in action on May 30th.

I took this picture a couple weeks ago on my way to work.  It's a huge billboard in Times Square.  There's advertisements all over the city and I couldn't be happier about it.

There was one more preview I was really excited about, but now I can't even remember.  But I promise, the most noteworthy previews were for Smart People and SATC.


Elise said...

I have been seeing tons of previews for The Other Boleyn Girl & I totally want to see it.

Shannon "Fuller" Davis said...

sometimes I get so jealous reading your blog. I miss NYC like non other some days and other days I am so happy to be back on the west. I need to catch up with you ASAP. I need an update on your life even though we both hate update convos.

Katie said...

Hi Racho! I read the Other Boleyn Girl and it was REALLY good! I too am super excited for the movie to come out! Hopefully it wont diappoint!

meggan said...

Hm. I saw the preview for Boleyn, but you apparently missed out on the preview for College Road Trip. That trailer is like an hour long and airs before EVERY movie I see. I guess that's just one difference between NYC and Provo:)