Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time to be responsible

I've put it off long enough.  I knew I should take some action after my boss told me he scheduled an appointment for me to go to the dentist.  (He really didn't, but had me believing it for about two weeks until my supposed appointment came and went.)
Anyway, it's a really scary thing getting into the real world and suddenly having to magically know how to use your own insurance, and find your own doctors.  It's pretty safe to say I haven't been to a single doctor since I've moved to New York (minus the eye doctor in California which doesn't count since he's a family friend and old neighbor and I just called him at home because it was an emergency.
I'm relatively healthy, but I know there are things that need to be done yearly, or more frequently, some more pleasant than others (but let's face it, they're all pretty much crappy.)
The point of the matter is, Friday I finally accepted my fate and made two of the worst doctor's appointments.  I'm officially going to the dentist on Monday.  (I'll leave it to you to figure out what the "worst" doctor is.  Either way, I'm left feeling violated after each appointment.)  I HATE the dentist!  Supposedly this dentist is a woman (who knew female dentists existed?) and came highly recommended from two assistants at work.  "She's really great" and "her hygienist is very gentle."  I'll be the judge of that.
PS I also have jury duty on March 10.  Honestly, when did I become a grown up??  Luckily it's a few blocks from my apartment.  I'm hoping I'll get lucky and accidently say a racial slur or something and get dismissed, and then just have the day off?  Cross your fingers.


Elise said...

Favorite dentist wanting to flip off the hygienist as she is trying to have a convo while scraping your teeth & making your gums bleed!

I seriously laugh about that everytime I go to the dentist because it is SO true.

Sara said...

ugh I hate the dentist. Probably even more than the other doctor! And I really really need to go see one asap!

Good luck!

Nerak said...

Ok, so my coworker told me about this 'spa dentist' and that's who I've gone to ever since I've been in the city. It's more for people who are afraid of the dentist, but I go just because of the novelty. They play soothing music, put a compress on your head, massage your gums, lay you flat on your back, and other such comforting things while they clean your teeth. It's positively hilarious. But really good if you're not into general dentist brutality. Dr. Oliva. You should check it out for next time.

shantayl said...

good luck with Jury duty! Lame! i had it once but was not called in luckily! seriously, why do we ever want to grow up!?