Saturday, February 23, 2008

President's Day

President's Day was a really nice day off from work.  I slept in, watched a little tv, and ran some errands.  Spike tv was running a marathon of CSI so obviously I was stoked because that's one of my favorite shows, so I recorded a bunch.

I have really been wanting/needing to get organized and maximize my space.  I've been going nuts with clutter and things being disorganized.  There just is no storage or space here, especially when you share a room.  I decided a trip to one of my favorite places was an order.  I hadn't been to the one on 58th and Lex, and boy have I been missing out.  I mean, and Container Store is amazing, but I just died over this one.  I was there for easily over an hour, and just couldn't stop getting so excited.
Here's the gems I got: 


linds said...

I need to go there and get stuff for my makeup. Also, how do you carry all your containers back to your apt?

Elise said...

YES! The Space Bag. We have two and they are the best.

I could spend hours in that store. And serious $$$$

Nerak said...

Wow. I'm suddenly in desperate need of those shoe boxes and handbag bags... Impressive!