Saturday, February 23, 2008

Last night

Last night was a fun night.  Curtis left work earlier than usual and made it over to my place by about 7.  Yes, that's early.  He left for Vegas today for 5 days, and then to Phoenix for another 3, so it was nice to have a full evening with him instead of a couple late hours.
We went to his place so he could throw some laundry in, and then headed to Battery City (just a 15 minute walk, we usually see movies here.)  He'd forgotten his ear warmers and gloves at his place.  I was wearing my new mittens from Urban Outfitters but offered him my black leather gloves.  Since those are fitted they were too small for him.  The only option left was my big, obvious, pink mittens.  I kind of laughed and told him a real man would wear them.  Being one to never be too embarrassed to do anything, he wore them, and owned them.  I couldn't stop laughing when he'd get the stare as we walked by people, and he'd say loud and proud, "Yeah that's right, I'm a 30 year old man and I'm rocking pink mittens.  So what."  I had to get a pic while he was buying our tickets.

We grabbed dinner at PJ Clarke's before the show.  I ate here once with Brad and really liked it.  It's by the Hudson River, has good food, and prices are cheap (speaking relatively for New York.)  When the weather is nice you can sit outside and take in the Hudson.  It's really nice.  We sat near a window and as I was looking out I noticed we could see the Statue of Liberty.  I knew it was that direction, but hadn't noticed it when I ate there with Brad.  When I noticed it I had that feeling come over me, that happens every now and then, when I see something so cool, and tell myself, this is my life.  I don't mean to sound like I'm blagging here, so forgive me, I'm just so often overjoyed by my life here in New York.  It wouldn't be for everyone, but it's definitely for me.  I love that every day I walk past things people pay money to bring their families to see.  I just feel so fortunate.  Curtis caught me staring at the Statue again later during dinner and totally read my mind.  He simply said, "Yep, this is our life."  I love it.
Ironically, when we were walking through the Embassy Suites to get to the movies (it's one huge building that also boasts an over-sized DSW, love it!) we passed by this big apple, with the naked-leg Lady Liberties.  I couldn't pass up the photo-op.

We saw Vantage Point last night.  It was pretty good, I think.  We saw a 10:40pm show, which lately hasn't been a problem for me, but for the second half I was struggling to stay awake (which is ironic, since I'd gone to bed at a decent hour Thursday night.....maybe I was overly exhausted from going to the gym for the first time in months?)  Anyway, luckily the movie was only an hour and a half because after 45 minutes I was doing the long blinks.  I thought I pretty well caught everything, but after it was over I told Curtis I liked the first half better, and was confused by a few things.  When I told him what confused me he filled in the gaps and told me I definitely did a little more dozing than just long eye blinks.  Woops.  I'd say it was pretty good, and venture to say it's probably a really good movie if you're awake the whole time. It got a little tough because there's a lot of characters to follow.  If nothing else, there's some great eye candy with Dennis Quaid playing a lead character.  He's gotten old by the way.

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meli said...

ahhahahaah love those mittens!!! thanks for rockin the jack purcells.... ;)