Saturday, February 16, 2008

Last weekend

Last weekend was great.  It started off when my boss John let me leave at 3 on Friday because I needed to take some paperwork to his bar Stitch in the fashion district.  This is the third time I've gone here and I almost always end up buying something along the way since there's so many fabulous shoe and clothing stories.  This time I got a black coat I'd been looking for, for only $20!  
That night things only got better because one of my favorite couples was in the city for a couple days.  Brad had some work down here and Nad came along.
Friday night we got dinner at Chevy's and I was finally able to give them this little number I bought about a month ago.  I am obsessed with this little suit and left my blackberry in the picture so you could see how tiny the suit is.  It's for 0-3 months, 7-12 pounds.  I'm dying to see little Madeline sporting it!

Nad is the cutest little preggo mommy to be!
Nad with the baby daddy.
After dinner I went over to Curtis' for his roommate Jason's birthday party.  I didn't get there till about 11:45 so mostly everyone had cleared out.  I still had a really great time though.  It was nice to be able to get to know Jason a little better.  Of the time we spend at our apartments, probably 98% of it is at mine, so even though my roommates love and know Curtis really well, I hardly know his.  Jason is really great, he and Amber make a great couple.  I'm so mad I didn't take any pictures!

Saturday night Curtis and I were feeling the itch for Mexican (as usual) so we schlepped up to the Upper West Side for my favorite Mexican Restaurant, Harry Burrito.  Okay, it's called Harry's Burritos, but I prefer my title.  We had some delish eats, and finally shared a meal like we always say we want to.  It was nice to not leave stuffed to the brim.
After dinner we saw Fools Gold at Times Square.  Eh.  I didn't really have any desire to see it, but Curtis thought it would be nice and light, and entertaining.  I give it about a 4 out of 10.  Kate Hudson is obviously a total doll so it's always fun to see her.  I used to be obsessed with Matthew McConaughey before he forgot about wearing shirts, so I guess it wasn't too bad seeing him either.  


Elise said...

You see movies more than anyone else I know.

Steve and Rebecca said...

Brad, Nadia, and Madeline look so cute! I love that little swimming suit too!