Wednesday, July 4, 2007

This is how I spent my 4th of July

Here I sit, stuck in Phoenix. I've been here for an hour and will most likely be here for five more. This is why I travel with my laptop. I would die without it/internet/dvds.
So this morning (from JFK) I didn't get on the 7am Phoenix flight that "looked good" like the flirtatious lady told me. The gate attendant informed me not once, but twice, that I was the only one that didn't get on. Thanks. She then said I could take next flight to Vegas which was leaving in an hour, and then fly to Phoenix, and then Salt Lake. She said all these flights looked good. That phrase doesn't mean anything to me anymore. When I feel a plane I'm on take off from the ground, then I'll believe it "looks good."
I got on the 8am Vegas flight with no problems. I even got an aisle seat in the bulk head. Then I spent about an hour and a half in Vegas, and got on the Phoenix flight. This one was more full (I got the aisle seat in the last row) but still, no problem. When we landed I rushed over to the gate for the SLC flight. Only one more leg! We landed 20 minutes before the next flight took off so I ran over, doing the "total Home Alone scene" as my mom says. I sweated it out there, along with a couple other standbys. We didn't get on. Suck.
I think I'd mentally prepared myself so much that it didn't affect me horribly. Yes, I'm totally bummed I won't get to spend the 4th with my relatives, but I'm okay. One of the other standbys, however, not so graceful. She was pretty rude to the ladies at the gate and then a few minutes later I saw her in tears to the point where she was doing the gasping cry, you know the one, where the person with you has to remind you to take a deep breath. It reminded me of one of my not-so-fine moments after I'd spent the night in Chicago, in a skirt and nylons, and after getting denied flight after flight for 12+ hours due to bad weather, they finally put me on a flight, totally buckled in, only to pull me back off. I called my mom to fill her in and was so beyond tired/frustrated/angry/everything bad, when she answered I simply stated, "They pulled me off the damn flight." Then I continued to break down into ridiculous sobs in the middle of O'Hare airport. I leaned against a pillar and put one hand over my face and just couldn't stop. It was a pretty pathetic moment in my life, especially considering the fact that I didn't have someone with me, like this lady I just saw did. If anyone saw me they probably assumed I'd just been told someone died, yeah, it was pretty pathetic. I finally told my mom I needed to get off the phone because trying to talk to her only made it worse. I made my way into the bathroom and got a grip. What a nightmare.
In the mean time, I just had to blow my nose and some dude clear across the walkway says to me, "Did you get it all?" I happened to hear so I looked up and he's looking at me, asking, "Did you get it?" I gotta be honest, I was so annoyed, I shot him a dirty look and said, "uh, yeah" under my breath, then proceded to ignore him. Man, I guess I'm just not on guard for weirdos when I'm not in the city.

SO.....there's a 4:something flight and then a 6:something flight, but both look really bad. Supposedly the one at 7:something "looks good". Like I said, "looks good"="we'll see."
Until later....

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Andrea said...

Dude! You have some pretty good airport stories. Now you have me nervous for when I fly home next. Once you finally got there, did you have a good time? Best of luck with the fly home!