Sunday, July 15, 2007


It's Elise's birthday! Elise has been a part of our family for a year and a half now, but I feel like we've been sisters for so much longer than that. I was so lucky to be so close to Provo while she and Jason were dating.
I remember the first time I met Elise at my cousin's open house for his wedding. It was that night my mom and I determined she looks just like Kate Hudson. Obviously she's a total doll! That night we went to Denny's and right off the bat I knew I liked her because she not only listened to my ridiculous stories, she actually enjoyed them!
I could never fully explain how much fun I had coming to Provo and staying with Elise in the Enclave. We'd stay up late chatting about everything from guys I was dating, to makeup (need I mention the infamous "can you girls go talk about your make up over there?" story,) and anything else that popped into our minds. I look back to times with Elise and I just remember laughing.
Elise has a great memory. She always remembers the insignificant little details of my life. She's always patient. She's a wonderful cook, very giving, hilarious, so much fun, and so likable. She really brings out the best in my brother. Not to mention, she fits into the family so well because she's tall!
I'll never forget the time I got to go to Lake Powell with Elise's family. It was such a blast and of course I had so much fun getting to know Elise in a different setting. She taught me how to wakeboard which is now one of my favorite things to do (even though I never get to go!)
I can already tell Elise will be such a good mother because she's such a care taker of everyone around her, especially my brother. She has such good taste in everything, from fashion, to home decor, to husbands! (I know I said that about my other sister-in-law Nadia, but it's so true for them both!)
Happy birthday Elise. I love you and am so happy you'll be a part of my family forever.


Elise said...

Thanks so much for the birthday blog, Rachel! Everything you said is so nice. I was laughing when I read your memories, because they are the same thngs that I think about. My memories of you coming to Provo all include staying up til 2 am and laughing hard! Good times. Also, not to brag, but I really like my hair color in the picture of my birthday last year at PF Changs. I don't think I have seen that picture before. Thanks again for the great tribute post!! <3 Elise

katherine shumway said...

for almost a week, whenever i visited your blog it didn't show any posts past the one i just commented on. then one day i randomly pressed the refresh button and all these posts appeared. i thought you had given up on your blog since you normally post almost every day...but i'm glad you didn't. stupid computer.

katherine shumway said... you want to e-mail me your address? I want to send you a baby announcement.