Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Should I take the plunge?

So my hair needs a trim, badly. I've been avoiding, well, for a couple of reasons.
One-I never cut my hair. I guess I'm just lazy. It's long so it's not like there's a particular style it grows out of so I never really think to cut it.
Two-I'm cheap. I hate spending all that money on a haircut when I'm just trimming it. (And it's ridiculously expensive to cut your hair in NYC.)
Three-With a few periods of time of exceptions, I've been going to the same hair girl since I was 15. I don't even like referring her out anymore because she's always booked. She did all my cuts, colors (back in the day when I used to color my hair) and up dos for high school. She knows me and how I like my hair. She knows when I say I want to be drastic and cut off five inches, to really only cut off three because I'll freak if she actually cuts off five. Thus, I'm too scared to branch out to someone new. I know, I know, ask for referrals, but I'm very much in the state of mind that no one's good enough. I've gone to referrals and just because one person loves their hair stylist doesn't mean I will.
Alas, I don't think I'll be in California until Christmas, and somethings gotta be done with this mop.
Lately I've kind of felt like I need a change. I'm 98% positive I wouldn't do this, but I kind of feel like just chopping it off. I have a few options. I've always said if I ever do chop it off I would donate it to Locks of Love, and there has to be at least 10 inches to donate. So today I had a coworker measure my hair from the nape of my neck to the end (thanks for the idea Kathryn.) Any guesses of how long it was? Eighteen inches!!! Obviously a few inches would need to be cut off the bottom due to dead ends, but that still leaves me a lot to work with. I could donate it, but not chop it so it wouldn't be so drastic. Buuuuut a much bigger part of me feels like, if I'm going to do something THAT drastic, I want to go all the way, ya know?
So if I do get that brave, I've decided the Katie Holmes cut is the way I want to go. I think it's absolutely adorable. I think my hair is probably more curly than hers, but I would bet it's about the same texture, thickness (for lack of a better word), etc.
Like I said, there's about a 2% chance of this happening, so don't freak out everyone. My hair is one of the things most people compliment, and any time I mention the thought of it people's eyes get really big and their face gets serious and they say, "Don't do it."
Lastly, let's not forget my fear of commitment. I think even if I was totally set on doing this I probably still wouldn't, because I hate to commit to that.
What do YOU think???


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jon & jill said...

you should totally donate it to locks of love. i have done that and it is so cool to know that someone is wearing your hair on a wig...hopefully someone who really needed it!


Jake, Cindy & Blaine said...

what?! are you crazy....18 inches?! that's like what you do after you have your first kid! i love your hair and it would be so sad to see it go, but i know you could totally pull off a cute bob! i'm sure what ever you do it will be way cute...are we growing up or what?!

Diana Lillefloren said...

I've been thinking about the same thing! But I WILL be cutting mine in the next month or so. I have 13 inches to cut. It's just hair, at least ours grows back. :~)

katherine shumway said...

I think bobs are adorable right now and you would look great in one. Just one word of caution...when I chopped my hair off I didn't take into consideration the true thickness of my hair. My thick hair never turns out as cute as the people/pictures that inspire the cut. Aaaaand I feel like you always have to style your hair when it's short. No more just throwing it in a pony tail or messy bun.

Steve and Rebecca said...

I say keep it long. There will be plenty of time for short hair when you have kids. But, if you do decide to cut it, make sure it's long enough to pull back in a ponytail. Just my two cents...let me know what you decide!!