Friday, July 20, 2007

A recap of my thoughts/happenings in the last couple days...

  • When I woke up Wednesday morning it was pouring outside. Random. I brought the adorable rainboots out from hibernation. Luckily, however, the hideous rain ended up being a total blessing in disguise. Yesterday I was sitting in the park reading during my lunch. It was packed because Broadway in the Park had just ended. (Actors come and play out scenes from various Broadway shows.) So I'm reading along and I felt a drop of water. I look up and then out of no where it starts pouring. I mean pouring. The sort of thing you see in a movie. Suddenly everyone was scattering in every direction. I looked at my white shirt and straightened hair and to myself thought, "Great." Then I remembered I still had my tiny black H & M umbrella tucked away in my oversized white Canal St. bag. Thank goodness because I had a good 3-4 minute jog back to the office and would have been completely soaked without it.
    When I left work it was just slightly drizzling, however when I left the subway to walk the three blocks to my apartment it was, again, pouring. The umbrella saved me from the waist up, however my pants from the knees down were completely soaked through. My shoes were as well. They were my snakeskin flats (that makes them sound hideous, but I swear they're super cute) from Gap I just got two weeks ago. Two out of two times I've worn them to work I've gotten off the subway to come home and it's been pouring and they've gotten soaked.....kind of weird. Anyway, but despite this, I was glad again, to have my umbrella.
  • So today I'm wearing a necklace that is one of my staples. It's just a small plain gold chain with a gold antique-looking key. I love it. It's funny though, because every time I wear it I'm asked by at least two or three people, "Is that the key to your heart?" They always think they're so original as they chuckle to themselves. Today the doorman at work who's never said a single word to me leaned in as I passed by and said really low, "Is that the key to your heart?" It was kinda awkward.
  • So the other night as I was walking I was thinking about dating and realized, 100% of the relationships I've been in, whether serious or casual, have ended in failure. It was actually a pretty depressing thought. (Yes, I know, I've learned SO much, but in reality it's still failure because my intentions when I start to date a person are not to learn something and then get out.) But then I thought, "How romantic that we keep trying, despite the odds." I can't believe how strong the drive is to find companionship. I can't think of anything else I would continue to pursue if I had a 0-whatever rate. Just kind of a random thought that branched off into so many other thoughts.
  • Today the summer concert in the park by my work for Good Morning America was John Mayer and Eric Clapton. I'm bummed I didn't get a chance to walk over but I was running late. I did hear Eric Clapton singing at least so that was kinda cool.
  • Lastly, I had quite the treat this morning as I left for work. Now this is going to make my neighborhood sound super ghetto. It is, somewhat, but not as much as it's about to sound. So I walked out of my building and guess what was at the bottom of the stoop? A sleeping homeless person. I pass homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks all the time all around Manhattan, but never have I see one so close to my building. I literally had to step over this person (I say person because his or her face was covered up, so I don't know if it was a he or a she.) All the scary movies I've seen have come back to haunt me, because as I was stepping over him or her I got the creeps that a hand was going to reach out and grab my ankle. After I was in the clear I got the urge to take a picture, ya know, for the blog, but then got scared the bum might chase after me.

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