Tuesday, July 3, 2007

JFK to LAS to SLC (hopefully)

So I'm sitting at JFK. I've been here for a couple hours. It, shockingly, has flown by.
I got a random idea about a week ago to try to go to Rexburg over the 4th. It was a long shot, but everything (so far) has worked out.
My awesome friend Gabe is a successful pilot and he totally hooked me up with a buddy pass. How cool is he? Tonight I fly to Vegas and then on to SLC. If all goes according to plan (aka I get on both flights I'm standing by for) I'll arrive in Utah at 2:20am. I'll then spend the 4th with my mom and relatives. Then, Thursday morning, I'll head up to my old stomping grounds Rexburg. Anyone who knew me 5 years ago would laugh to hear me say I'm SO excited to be going to the 'burg.
It's not that I am going to relive my glory days, I just have some friends I'd love to see before they go their ways, and also I want to visit my grandparents. All my plans are tentative, so hopefully things go well. I'm just excited to have some time off work, get out of the city, and see some of my favorite people. Come to think about it, today is the year anniversary of me moving home from Rexburg for good. In some ways it seems like it's been longer, in other ways, it's flown by. So much has happened. I moved 1000 miles back to California, and then I moved 3000 miles to NYC.
Anyway, the whole point of this post is, as I've been sitting here waiting I couldn't help but remember being stuck at this airport for 10+ hours with my girls a little over a year ago when we came to NYC for spring break. We were RIDICULOUSLY tired after getting almost no sleep over a period of 5 days, and running around the city on empty. Then we missed our flight going home, and had to sit around the airport. Here's a couple pics of the happy day.

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