Wednesday, July 4, 2007

As it turns out...

I DO have time to blog today. So last night was a letdown. I left my apartment about 3 and got to JFK about 4:30. I waited around for the 8:20pm flight to Vegas. The gate attendant told me the flight didn't look good, but to wait and see. So I did. After everyone had boarded they called my name and said I'd gotten the last seat. Sweet. It would be smooth sailing from there on because the Vegas to Salt Lake flight was wide open. Hold that thought.....after I'd gotten all settled into my window seat they pulled me off. Some paying passenger showed up. Awesome. I got about three, "That sucks" comments from around the cabin. As if I didn't know. I had to get out, get my suitcase out of the overhead bin, and do the walk of shame up the aisle. The worst part was when they were relisting me for the next flight they kept telling me I ALMOST made it. As if that meant anything??? I might as well have been the furthest thing from making it, at least I wouldn't have gotten my hopes up.
So I schlep my carryon back through the airport, ride the AirTrain I despise (the wrong one the first time around) and then head to the subway. I got to the wrong side of the tracks just as my Manhattan bound A train pulled up to the other side. SWEET. I ended up waiting about 20 minutes in the cold next to some girl yacking on her cell phone for the next train. I was so annoyed.
I rode the train back to my place and was exhausted. I went to a gas station near my place and picked up a toothbrush since mine was on my checked suitcase that was on its way to Utah. I got home and back into bed about midnight.
My alarm went off at 3:30am and I pulled myself out of bed to head back to the airport. While I was getting ready I couldn't shake the feeling that it wasn't the best idea for me to ride the subway alone at 4am, so I sucked it up and forked over $54 for a cab. We got to the airport in only about 25 minutes, and then proceeded to spend the next 50 minutes inching through terminals because every trunk had to be inspected. Maybe it's because it's the 4th of July? I am thankful for security, although I don't know how much I trust it since I've accidentally carried on my pepper spray on one or two flights and it was never caught.
I checked in and the lady at the counter said the flight looked good. Yay! Please please please don't make me wait around for more flights!
Now, onto something a little strange. I'm not being presumptuous, I'm just very curious as to what's going on here. My time spent at JFK in the last 24 hours (minus the inconvenience of the whole situation) has been very pleasant. Everyone has been SO NICE! Despite the friendly service from the employees (something I never come across here) I've been shockingly surprised at the people around me. When I was in line checking in the first time around last night I was standing in front of this dude who was obviously younger than me (6 years younger, come to find out, haha.) He was chatting me up and seemed really nice. It was his first time flying and he was going all the way to Jordan. I couldn't believe it. He had about 5 hours to kill and asked me if I wanted to grab a bite to eat with him. He was laying on the flirt and I couldn't help but chuckle at his youth. I felt like one of those old ladies who gets hit on and feels all flattered but thinks, "I could be your mother!"
Then while I was sitting around waiting for my flight I happened to be sitting next to some other guy. He started chatting me up and it turned out we were on the same flight. He asked me if I wanted to get a drink while we waited. Random???
Okay now here's the strangest one. When I was checking in today I was being helped by a lady. Okay, I know this is far fetched, and like I said, I don't want to assume things but I just got a vibe! The way this lady was looking at me, and being over the top friendly in an almost flirtatious kind of way definitely made me think twice. Was she just weird? Very friendly? What?
Am I releasing some kind of pheromone I'm unaware of? Anyway, whatever it is, I hope I can have the same affect on some hot guys I intend to meet when I get back into the city next week.
Well, they're about to start the boarding process so I'm going to log off and pray I get on.
Once again, happy birthday to Nadia and America!

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