Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy 3rd birthday Ryno!! (this is a little overdue)

Last Saturday (07.07.07) it was my Ryan's 3rd birthday. This was the first year I couldn't be there for his big day which made me so sad.
Ryan will always hold a special place in my heart, as he made me an aunt for the first time and even though I was away at college through a lot of his growing up, I was at home for it a lot as well. It was always really hard to say goodbye to him when I'd go back to school, and especially hard when I moved away to New York. For a while after I moved when my parents would go to my sister's house he would ask, "Where's Rachel?" After I graduated and lived at home for seven months he got accustomed to the idea that when he saw Grammy and Grandpa, that meant he was seeing Rachel too, but suddenly I wasn't there anymore. They keep telling him, "Rachel's in New York City." He's finally starting to understand, at least, that I live with Curious George. (Apparently that cartoon is based in NYC?)
We have gotten a chance to really bond with each other. Some of my favorite things I've taught him to say are, "Booya!" "That's nast!" "Mr. Belvedere" and "Superstar!!"
Anway, I was out of town on his big day so I didn't have a chance to blog for him.
Happy birthday sweet sweet boy, I love you so much. You make me so happy all the time. I hope you had a very happy day!!
A little trip down memory lane...'s Ryan on his 1st birthday...

...then again on his 2nd birthday.

My how he's grown!

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Steve and Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, Rachel, that is so nice!! And I love what you wrote in the front cover of the NYC book. So sweet! Sometime when you're bored, (not that that will ever happen to you, but anyway) go rent the movie "Curious George" or turn on PBS in the morning and watch the cartoon for Ryan. We love you!