Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's been a while...

So I've been really busy, and when I haven't been busy I haven't felt like blogging, although I do say to myself all the time, "I should blog about that." For some reason I just haven't been able to get myself to the computer lately. Here's the recap:
The weekend wasn't too crazy.
Friday night I went out with Taylor to see Transformers. I actually really liked it. I had heard it wasn't that great so my expectations were low. I thought it was really funny, and the special effects were awesome. Surprisingly I even stayed awake. It's tough for me to see movies Friday nights. When Taylor said we were seeing a 9:15 show, knowing it was 2 1/2 hours long, I thought it was over for me. When we got there the 9:15 was sold out, so we went for the 9:40. I thought I'd be a goner for sure. While we waited we ended up going to a Duane Reade to get some snacks so I grabbed a Red Bull, I guess that probably helped me get through it, haha. We didn't end up getting home until 2am though and I was exhausted. I did have a funny thought that night though. It was absolutely the most innocent evening out. A date with a super nice, super respectful guy, seeing a super clean movie, and then coming home. If I were at school, however, I would have gotten in trouble for breaking the 1am weekend curfew. Kind of ironic.
Saturday was an extremely lazy day. I'd been (randomly) watching the first season of Felicity. I watched the season finale with my roommates and then we totally needed the second season. So I took one for the team and schlepped down through Times Square, the most obnoxious place ever, especially during tourist season, and bought the second season. We watched a couple of the first episodes and suddenly at around 7:30pm I got the sudden urge to just get out and shop. I headed to Urban Outfitters but didn't see anything worthy of buying (at least at the moment since I'm officially budgeting now.) Then I headed down to 34th. While I was on the subway there was a cute little girl, probably 9 or 10, with her dad. She was having such a good time just being with him. She was a little squirrely and was leaning on him and whatnot. It gave me fond memories as I remember hanging out with my dad. I watched her as she didn't even have a thought going through her mind about how she looked. She didn't have to wonder if he'd ever leave her, or if he'd break her heart. I fought the urge to go up to her and say, "Cherish this time with your dad. Don't ever sell him out for another guy. This one will never break your heart. This one will always be there for you to call. He'll always listen. He'll never be too stressed for you, or too busy for you. He won't let you down. He won't trade you in for someone else. He won't have second thoughts. You won't have to play "games" with him. You won't have to wonder what he's thinking, you can just ask him." But like I said, I fought the urge and decided against looking like some crazy bitter chick with issues. Plus, as much as I hate to admit this, unfortunately not all dads can live up to those things I say about my dad.
So anyway, I headed down to 34th and went to Old Navy. I was specifically looking for a type of black skirt I'd gotten at Old Navy like 4 years ago. Obviously they weren't going to have it, but I thought maybe something like it? I'd never been to that Old Navy before, and I was actually super impressed! It was a huge store and they had a lot of work clothes.
Here's what I ended up getting:
a black skirt (not the type I'd been looking for, but a really cute one for work)-$20
some super cute black capris-$15 (worked out perfectly because last week I was wearing my black work capris from Banana and I thought to myself they were getting a little faded.)
black flats with little white polka dots-$20
I thought it was quite the successful outing.
Sunday it took me an hour, yes and hour to get to church.
-20 minutes waiting for the bus
-10 minute bus ride
-10 minutes walking three blocks uphill in my tallest heels
-15 minute subway ride (no wait! an extremely rare occurrence)
-5 minutes walking a couple blocks to church
What a nightmare. But church was really good. I had a chance to chat with the new bishop and I really liked him a lot.
After church my roommate's home teachers came over who were super cool and we all ended up hanging out and chatting for almost two hours.
Monday it poured and poured and poured. It was disgusting. I did nothing.
Tuesday night I had visiting teaching. It was totally fun. The girls who visit teach me (Connie C. and Kim C.) and the girls I visit teach (Jami K. and Lisa T.) and I all met up and ended up just chatting and whatnot. They're all such cute fun girls. We had a blast.
Wednesday was crazy. My boss's wife had a baby in the morning so he wasn't in. Her due date was Tuesday so this wasn't any surprise. I found out Wed I should be gathering money from everyone on the team and another team my boss is over. This was a nightmare. A lot of people around here are much too busy to be bothered. I felt like a total panhandler. I ended up getting about $400 cash. Now I get to figure out what to buy from everyone. I hate making executive decisions. This is their second baby, and their second boy. They pretty much have everything. My boss made it very clear they don't need ANYTHING. I think I'll go shopping at Tiffany's. :)
This was the tough part though, one of my other bosses came to me at the end of the day, gave me his American Express, and told me to spend $400, get something really nice, specifically for the baby. Now what in the world was I going to get? Anything that expensive would be something parents usually want to pick out (ie strollers, furniture, etc.) Not to mention, this is their second time around doing the whole baby thing. I remembered I was in NYC and if I had someone else's money to spend, this was the place to do it. I schlepped over to the east side and hit up Bloomingdale's. I figured, let the posh people pick something out for me, right? They were no help. They only had clothes for babies there. Then I headed even FURTHER up the east side to Pottery Barn. They closed at 7. I got there at 7:05. Awesome. So I head back to the office for a little online shopping. I was there till 9pm. I ended up ordering a double stroller (since their other son is 2) as well as a few bells and whistles to go along with it. I'm sure they've already bought one, and if not, would have liked to pick it out themselves, but there's no telling this boss, "I can't do it." So I figured, they can return it.
The most exciting part of today is my dad is here!! We're meeting up after work for dinner. We're going to check out the TKTS counter to see if there's tickets to any good shows first, but will most likely just end up eating and chatting. I'd rather spend most my time talking with him anyway.

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