Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wednesday April 25th - four miles + strength training

Wow.  I definitely got my wish last night.  My run was great.  Every time I've had to run four miles so far I've created my own route, but last night I did the four mile loop in the Park and I loved it.  The bulk of it includes the paths I usually take, but I went a little further north than usual.  There were less people on the east and north sides which was nice.
Throughout most of the run there was the slight pain, but I kept thinking about how I felt good.  The last mile was great, in fact I shaved 15 seconds off my last mile from my third.  I know I said I'd probably post all my mileage and then I quit, but I guess I'll just post when I feel like it.
Last night's:
Mile 1: 9:09
Mile 2: 9:07
Mile 3: 9:42
Mile 4: 9:27
I definitely could have kept running.  I'm always glad when it's over but I could have kept going.  I checked my gps and I'd actually passed the four mile mark already so I walked the rest of the way out of the park.  I've been neglecting strength training which everyone told me not to do so I'm trying to be better about doing it.  I got to the top of the hill where the park opened up to Central Park West and did some squats and some lunges.  My legs and knees were killing.  I can't decide if this would be better to do before or after my run.  I don't want to get my legs too tired before I even start running, so I guess I'll stick to after for the time being.
After I went home and showered I laid on my bed for a little to make a phone call.  After chatting for a little while I got up and my legs wanted to cry.  I never really get sore from running but I knew I'd be hurting from the post run work out, and today they definitely are starting to tighten up.  I can't wait to go home to my foam roller.
I felt so happy after my run last night.  I wish every run could be like that, but I know that's not reality.  Next up is my six miler on Saturday.  Scary!  The following two Saturdays I have races, a 5k and then a 10k.  It feels SO good to think about the 5k as easy.  The Saturday after my 10k race I have to do an 8 miler which seems insane.  Especially because I'll be out of town.  I'm just not going to think about it right now....focus on the six miler this Saturday.

2 comments: said...

WOWZER! That is impressive!

maggie said...

One step at a time! Isn't it funny how you suddenly think of certain mileage as short? I am like that too.

I have been horrible at keeping up with strength training too, I just don't feel like doing it, esp. after running. I have thought about doing a short run, and devoting more time to strength. Like 2 miles or less. I have heard also that you should do cardio first, strength second. Plus it warms the muscles up.

Don't forget to stretch after a run! That will help with soreness.