Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saturday April 21st - five miles

Friday night was weird.  I got some sad news Thursday which put me in a funk on Friday.  Friday was a little stressful, and then I ended up falling asleep after work before heading uptown to help out a friend.  Since I'd fallen asleep earlier I had a hard time getting to sleep that night.  I felt in a funk and just didn't want to have to plan on getting up early to run.  I had plans to go to the Mets game which was at 1, and then had plans the rest of the evening, so it would have to happen in the morning.  I had basically convinced myself that I was going to just do it on Sunday, which made no sense because the forecast for Saturday was sun, and Sunday was rain.
I finally went to sleep and told myself I'd just wake up when I woke up, and see how I felt.  I slept till around 9 and it wasn't until 10am that I decided to just get over myself and go for my run.  I am so glad I did because it was absolutely beautiful out.  I mean beautiful.  (And especially glad when Sunday rolled around and it was so miserable with the nor'easter rolling in.)
I ended up walking in that same spot I did during my last five miler, except this time for a whole song, which ended up being about five minutes.  Sort of lame, but I didn't really care.
In the last mile or so of my run I saw a blind guy running.  Yes, a blind guy.  He was holding on to some sort of cord and on the other end was a guide running along with him, and three people running behind them.  Talk about inspiring.  All I could think was, "I have zero complaints about my life."
I felt pretty great when I was done.  I need to focus on where I've come from because I'm feeling like I'm not progressing at all but the fact that I can run five miles, even if I do take a short walking break, is a lot further than where I was a couple months ago.
(Weekly mileage: 12)

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