Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday April 16th - three and a half miles

Last night's run was a little tough due to the increased heat and a little humidity. At about the halfway point I kept thinking I just wanted to stop and walk. But I didn't. My pace was good. Will it be obnoxious if I post my pace/mile every time? Sorry.
Mile 1: 9:33
Mile 2: 9:57
Mile 3: 9:44
Mile 4: 9:45 (only one half)
Doing the run in the heat made me think about how I'll be facing the heat every day pretty soon. I'm going to have to end up getting up before work, but that means running at about 5:30am and then sitting at a desk for 10 hours. That is tough for me. At this point it's not light early enough to run at that hour so it would mean going to the gym. We'll see what happens. I'm sure when the heat comes I'll give up my sleep to avoid it.
I wish I could run in the park by myself. I mean, without other runners around. Obviously that will never happen unless I run when it's too late to be safe, and I'm not going to do that. But every once in a while I'll get a little pocket where there won't be any runners too close and it feels as though I'm alone and I love it. I am realizing more and more than I'm a lone runner. I'm not opposed to running buddies, but I think this is one activity I prefer to do alone. Even though I'm perfectly content to do a lot of things alone, I'd usually prefer to do them with someone. Running is the opposite. I started imagining I was someone important and I could run late with secret servicemen to keep me safe. That sounds like a dream.
I remember on the Fourth of July 2008 after watching the fireworks in Brooklyn Curtis and I were able to get on the Brooklyn Bridge to come back to Manhattan before pretty much anyone. It was
so incredible to be in one of my favorite places, with no one else around. That is such a rarity in New York. I've only experienced it once in five years, really.
I also saw a barefoot jogger in the Park. I've heard of these guys. There's got to be few things less hygienic.
When I was running up that b of a hill I found my motivation when I passed a jogger who was very thin, and she had lost most of her hair. I wondered if she was sick, and then thought of my dear sweet Dina. My number one running motivation who is now too sick to run. I thought about the fact that she ran the last eight NYC marathons in a row, and the last two while she was undergoing chemo. She is one of the main reasons my mantra is, "I get to run."


Em said...

Hey Rachel! Hope you're doing great (sure seems like it with all your running!) I'm going to be getting ready for a race soon, and I was wondering what you use to map/clock your runs?

Thanks! - Emily

Michelle said...

I love these posts. Although I don't comment on everyone, I read them all. I think your great!